Services Interested in contracting with Color Fashion Painting? Please check out the services that we provide below.

Interior Painting

This is the painting of a surface inside a property. It can include the painting of walls, ceilings, windows and baseboards. Per room or whole house estimates are available. Decorative painting is available upon request and for an additional fee.

Exterior Painting

This is the painting of the outside of a property. Paint can be applied via sprayer, roller and/or brushes. We used premium quality paints that are sure to withstand the harsh elements over time. All estimates include the cost for prepping the property for paint as well as the paint job itself.

Services Commercial Painting

These are paint jobs specifically for commercial entities. These paint jobs can include both interior and exterior painting. We are willing to work with you to provide the paint job that matches your design needs.

Drywall and Plastering

We hang drywall and also apply drywall to walls when a smooth finish is desired for ceilings and walls. Plastering is also available to fix holes or openings. After plaster is applied, the area is sanded for a smooth finish.


In addition to painting, wall papering services are also available. This involves affixing a desired wall paper to an existing wall. Walls must be prepped prior to applying wall paper to ensure secure application.

Deck Staining

We provide deck staining services as well. Decks are thoroughly cleaned and sanded prior to application of stain. After staining, a sealant is used to protect the stain from elements and wear and tear.


Varnishes are a protective film that is applied over wood. It contains dry oil, solvent and a resin. Varnishes do not have pigment and they leave a glossy finish. Prior to varnish application, wood items are sanded to ensure a smooth surface.

Faux Finishes

Faux finishes include a variety of decorative painting techniques which replicate the authentic look of a particular item. Some examples include: