Why us

Why us Although there are a number of painting contractors throughout the Chicago area, few can match the standards and expertise of Color Fashion Painting. We have built a reputation of providing our customers with high quality painting services. In addition, we have forged long term relationships with residential and business customers which prove our dedication to providing services that keep our customer base growing.

Customers want to work with contractors that they can trust. Customers want to know that are being treated fairly and that the amount they pay for a service is legitimate. Color Fashion Painting understands which is why we offer free estimates for all the services that we offer. You shouldn’t have to pay to simply know what type of services we are willing to offer you. We suggest you take our free estimate and compare it to others that offer the same services, and we are sure that you will be attracted to our affordable prices and quality craftsmanship.

Why us In addition to offering free estimates and a good reputation, Color Fashion Painting is also fully licensed and insured. Anyone can claim to have the experience to provide painting services, but licensing proves that we are a legitimate company that has proven our expertise through testing. So, we are who we say we are and we have the experience to back it up. Our licensing and insurance protects our customers, and we would have it no other way! We want our customers to feel that they can rely on Color Fashion Painting to provide the services they need at the quality desired.

We work with customers throughout the Chicago area and we speak Spanish, se habla espanol, to be able to provide services to anyone that needs them. Look no further than Color Fashion Painting as we are the top choice for all of your residential and commercial painting needs.